Again i ignored my felling

Chapter 2: 
Again I ignored my felling .... πŸ’”

His name: πŸ‘¦πŸ‘¦
Hmmm....! his name is krunal, we were childhood friend and use stay with each other all the time. krunal is a type of guy who like to flirt with all girls in his surrounding expect me as we were friends. 
His house:🏠
Me and krunal we both were in the same society and his flats was very close to my flate that even we can talk with each other just staying at home. 
But he stayed in my house more than his  house. Because the girls to whom he wanted to flirt lived in front of my house.
His card:πŸ“‚
This was the month when lover confess the love means feb 14th valentine day. Me and my brother were good at making greeting cards, so krunal requested to make one beautiful card so that he can be there friends.
His new friend:
Hearing those word from him " to make a new friend" it made my cute heart into jealousy heart and i didnt knew what was happening to?
I really had no idea about it !
Again i ignored my felling and let it go.
But the answer to my question was still not found.....😒
 stay continue............


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