He proposed me on April 1st πŸ’Œ

Chapter 4: 
            He proposed me on April 1st πŸ’

people in love won't speak much, only there heart move dak..dak..πŸ’“dak..dak..πŸ’“, eyes start to speak and feeling is expressed on the face.
Month of lovei.e: February
Krunal proposed another girl which made me jealouseπŸ‘Ώ and to know that he would never choose me as his girl as i look simple didn't have any idea how to be hot and sexy.πŸ‘Œ

"Now what?" My heart is not ready to stop beating... so i decided to follow my heart and i started starring at him...😢

One day krunal walking by my side, he looked bach at me and smiledπŸ˜‰. Then i saw him and he looked different. In tution classes he suddenly started to sit next to me and singing song🎀🎢. He sanged that song so badly i just looked at him 😡but he looked at meand it was in the same way i looked at him.
Then he started chasing meπŸ™‹, insteaded of impressing other girls.....

Month of fool i.e: April   
The month he proposed me...........
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