continuity of my proposal

Chapter 4: 
             He proposed me on April 1st..💌

Month of fool i.e April
I was preparing my model exam, for which i had to get up early at 5 'o' clock and start studing. sometimes we use to have group studies involving bhavna and krunal.
And on the day of 1st April krunal sat near me and said:" oyee! moti i have some mathematical problem will you help me.

I said: ok....! and after solving his problem. He stand near to my door looking at me with a smile on his face.
I was paused for a while just looking at him; then he took a paper and opened it and told me to read it.
The three words were " I LOVE YOU  "
Reading those beautiful words my heart started to beat more than before. Then i went to my sweet bed, lying start looking straight to the wall and thought that may he just want to fool me.
As i was so crazy about him; i was ready to be his fool and let my feeling explode.

I looked at him with my eyes getting more bigger bright and shining with a cute smile.
But as usual i always have a very bad luck, one of his friend came to me and started to explain me that , what all he did in the morning was just a fake and believe in his words.
I was so upset, and hurted me so badly i spent my whole night by crying .

So My love story started in one day and ended it on the same day...😞😪


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