We were friendzzzzz

                   First we were friendzz.......👫

Early in the Morning :I really hated to up early but the sound of the alaram at "5" am morning makes me more hated. so i use get up at 5 o clock in morning, get ready for my class as i was in 8th standard.
Afternoon at school :The close friends of my was Muskan and Moona.we were very close , truthful and like to share all the secrete with each other. It was difficult for us to  our friend Muskan as she had someone in her life before and seperated but now this time the matter was totally different  because she had a huge crush on our dance sir. Hearing muskan life style and helping her out i was totally confused between two words love and attraction.

Evening time: In my childhood the worst thing was tution. But on that day something happened,i saw him krunal. First he was an unknown face to me later i saw him again in my tution and i was just shocked. Krunal he was just one year elder to me and lived near my house were i can see his house clearly. In tution i made a friend name bhavna we came to know each other so well she use to come to my house. But after few day it was again a shocking news for me that Bhavna was krunal younger sister. So these is how Me and krunal came to know each other as we spent time together and later we hold ours hand tightly as a friend. Now he was known face for me.


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