Jealousy incredible

chapter 3: 
             Jealousy incredible

The old day change with new day, my jealousy got changed into love. 
This was the first time i heard my heart beats but still unknown to feeling. Then again my heart started beating and i stayed quiet for a while, the whole surrounding was in my control except my heart. Then i started noticing my heart beats fater when krunal is close to me.

And i got the answer to my question: yes " jealousy is a part of love." The person you like is seen with someone less if it makes you jealous then may be you are in love..

As in my case it was one way love, i want to look at him from morning till night. So i tried different way to get a look of him from the window of my kitchen, sometime window of my bedroom and sometime waiting at the door of my house. 

Normally if our heart beats fast then we would think is there any problem in my body and make you weak. But i wanted my heart to beat fast because it makes me happy and controlled my heart, brain and mind.


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