Next day of my fake proposal

Next of my fake proposal πŸ˜₯

The day was normal, after knowing the truth about krunals feeling, i have tried to pretend even i dont have any feel towards him and moved on.
As his feeling was fake but my feeling still remain the same, so to stop myself I started to ignored him. But he came to meet just like the old day, he was so normal like nothing happened yesterday. He was just the same as before, because of his fakefeeling i preffer to be alone.

continuity of my proposal

Chapter 4: 
 He proposed me on April 1st..πŸ’Œ

Month of fool i.e April
I was preparing my model exam, for which i had to get up early at 5 'o' clock and start studing. sometimes we use to have group studies involving bhavna and krunal.
And on the day of 1st April krunal sat near me and said:" oyee! moti i have some mathematical problem will you help me.

I said: ok....! and after solving his problem. He stand near to my door looking at me with a smile on his face.
I was paused for a while just looking at him; then he took a paper and opened it and told me to read it.
The three words were " I LOVE YOU  "
Reading those beautiful words my heart started to beat more than before. Then i went to my sweet bed, lying start looking straight to the wall and thought that may he just want to fool me.
As i was so crazy about him; i was ready to be his fool and let my feeling explode.

I looked at him with my eyes getting more bigger bright and shining with a cute smi…

He proposed me on April 1st πŸ’Œ

Chapter 4: 
He proposed me on April 1st πŸ’

people in love won't speak much, only there heart move dak..dak..πŸ’“dak..dak..πŸ’“, eyes start to speak and feeling is expressed on the face.
Month of lovei.e: February
Krunal proposed another girl which made me jealouseπŸ‘Ώ and to know that he would never choose me as his girl as i look simple didn't have any idea how to be hot and sexy.πŸ‘Œ

"Now what?" My heart is not ready to stop beating... so i decided to follow my heart and i started starring at him...😢

One day krunal walking by my side, he looked bach at me and smiledπŸ˜‰. Then i saw him and he looked different. In tution classes he suddenly started to sit next to me and singing song🎀🎢. He sanged that song so badly i just looked at him 😡but he looked at meand it was in the same way i looked at him.
Then he started chasing meπŸ™‹, insteaded of impressing other girls.....

Month of fool i.e: April   
The month he proposed me...........
        To be continue with my new post d…

Jealousy incredible

chapter 3:  Jealousy incredible
The old day change with new day, my jealousy got changed into love.  This was the first time i heard my heart beats but still unknown to feeling. Then again my heart started beating and i stayed quiet for a while, the whole surrounding was in my control except my heart. Then i started noticing my heart beats fater when krunal is close to me.
And i got the answer to my question: yes " jealousy is a part of love." The person you like is seen with someone less if it makes you jealous then may be you are in love..
As in my case it was one way love, i want to look at him from morning till night. So i tried different way to get a look of him from the window of my kitchen, sometime window of my bedroom and sometime waiting at the door of my house. 
Normally if our heart beats fast then we would think is there any problem in my body and make you weak. But i wanted my heart to beat fast because it makes me happy and controlled my heart, brain and mind.

Again i ignored my felling

Chapter 2:  Again I ignored my felling .... πŸ’”
His name: πŸ‘¦πŸ‘¦ Hmmm....! his name is krunal, we were childhood friend and use stay with each other all the time. krunal is a type of guy who like to flirt with all girls in his surrounding expect me as we were friends.  His house:🏠 Me and krunal we both were in the same society and his flats was very close to my flate that even we can talk with each other just staying at home.  But he stayed in my house more than his  house. Because the girls to whom he wanted to flirt lived in front of my house. His card:πŸ“‚ This was the month when lover confess the love means feb 14th valentine day. Me and my brother were good at making greeting cards, so krunal requested to make one beautiful card so that he can be there friends. His new friend: Hearing those word from him " to make a new friend" it made my cute heart into jealousy heart and i didnt knew what was happening to? I really had no idea about it ! Again i ignored my felling and let it …

We were friendzzzzz

CHAPTER 1First we were friendzz.......πŸ‘«
Early in the Morning :I really hated to up early but the sound of the alaram at "5" am morning makes me more hated. so i use get up at 5 o clock in morning, get ready for my class as i was in 8th standard. Afternoon at school :The close friends of my was Muskan and Moona.we were very close , truthful and like to share all the secrete with each other. It was difficult for us to  our friend Muskan as she had someone in her life before and seperated but now this time the matter was totally different  because she had a huge crush on our dance sir. Hearing muskan life style and helping her out i was totally confused between two words love and attraction.
Evening time: In my childhood the worst thing was tution. But on that day something happened,i saw him krunal. First he was an unknown face to me later i saw him again in my tution and i was just shocked. Krunal he was just one year elder to me and lived near my house were i can see his house…

The look

My first meeting Wanted him so close but lastly we ended up with fight....
Hmmm.....! Even I know once in a life we all had met a person in life and want to see him soo close. I had that opportunities and lost it. But in this world the life goes in a circle pattern. So the fate as again bring me I front of him........! To be continue

So if you guys had met some in your life can send me the answer by choosing your stars......
*  Never met a person
** Met with a person and started to fight
***  Met with a person and had an attraction
**** Met with a person and followed him
***** Met with a person and did confession about the feeling when you look at him.....